Release Management

Drive continual innovation for your organisation with monthly releases

Prioritize, Build, Test, and Deploy

A key aspect when deploying any changes to a live Salesforce environment is ensuring that the changes minimize the disruption to your existing users. This is why it is important to test any changes in a sandbox test environment before exposing them to the real world 'production' users.

With Arxxus Advantage, we work towards a continuous program of releases with a monthly deployment cycle, which allows continual innovation and improvement of your Salesforce org. Monthly deployments also provide an incremental way to drive change across your organisation while not disrupting your business. With the Advantage program, you work towards a monthly plan in which we prioritize, build, test, and then deploy: 


Understanding Salesforce Sandbox Types

With Salesforce Enterprise Edition and higher, you have access to several different sandbox environments which allow you to perform different levels of testing. For example, for any minor enhancements, a Developer sandbox is usually sufficient but if testing requires access to the entire data set in production, then we would typically require a Full sandbox.

Below is an overview of the Salesforce sandbox types:

 DeveloperDeveloper ProPartial CopyFull
Referesh Interval 1 day 1 day 5 days 29 days
Capacity 200 MB  1 GB  5 GB Same as source
Configuration check check check check
Apex & Metadata check check  check check
All Users check check  check check
Sample of selected objects
- check check
Sandbox Template Support - check check
History & Chatter Data
-  - - check

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