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Track and manage every aspect of your innovation services plan through the Arxxus Advantage Portal

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A single place to manage all of your Salesforce requests

Arxxus makes our innovation service plan easy for you through our Advantage portal, which allows you to log and manage all of your requests in one place. As you'd expect, we built our portal on Salesforce Service Cloud® which allows us to provide our Advantage customers with a secure place to manage their Advantage service. In addition to working with your Technical Account Manager, the portal provides enables you to manage your service in the following key ways:
  • Monitor usage: The portal provides key metrics around historical usage as well as forecast or estimated usage over your contract term. This helps you maximise the benefit you receive from your plan.
  • Raise new requests: You can easily raise a new request (which we refer to as a "Case") at any time throughout your plan for any work related to Salesforce. Our team will then analyse the request, and provide you with a hourly estimate to complete the work. Often our team will have questions and we always keep an audit trail of all correspondence on the Case record for your reference. This helps ensure our team is working in alignment with your expectations.
  • Action and prioritize requests: Once your request has been analysed and estimated, we then require approval to commence the actual work. This helps you prioritise your requests, and also gives you control around how you use the hours in your plan. We also recommend that all requests with less than four hours effort are automatically approved.
  • Plan deployments: Every one of our Advantage customers are already using Salesforce, so we need to plan any change made ahead of deployment. The Advantage program allows you to 'bundle' a series of enhancements together, which can then be deployed into your production environment. The portal provides you with an overview of the cases scheduled to be deployed along with the target deployment date.

Key Metrics

Our goal at Arxxus is to provide every Advantage customer with a fanatical level of support, and work hard to maximize the value of every dollar invested in their Advantage plans. We do this through providing our customers with a detailed view of both their actual usage as well as what we forecast their usage should be. This helps you plan and prioritize a program of work that can be delivered across the term of your Advantage plan. We also provide incremental 'top-up' hours, which can be purchased at any time during your plan.

Here is a snapshot of several of the dashboards we provide for each one of our customers:

Anticipated as well as actual plan usage in hours

Arxxus Advantage - Monthly usage

Forecast of your actual versus expected usage

Arxxus Advantage - Target Usage Planning

All of the open cases broken out by status

Arxxus Advantage - Status All Open Cases

Open versus Closed cases

Arxxus Advantage - Open versus Closed Cases

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