Advantage Plans

Arxxus innovation services plans allow you to get the most out of your Salesforce investment with no exclusions


200 hours annually
For up to 20 Salesforce users

Includes: Access to our Advantage portal, to manage your requests as well as a Technical Account Manager

Ideal for: Companies that have recently implemented Salesforce


500 hours annually
For up to 50 Salesforce users

Includes: All the Professional features plus a dedicated Technical Account Manager

Ideal for: Companies using Salesforce across multiple teams or business units looking to drive continual innovation


1,000 hours annually
More than 50 Salesforce users

Includes: All the Enterprise features plus access to a Technical Architect with a regular review of your Salesforce org

Ideal for: Large businesses that are market leaders

Compare Plans

  Professional Enterprise Unlimited
Number of hours available in your plan
Hours you can use throughout the year for any work related to Salesforce
200 500 1,000
Our guaranteed response time SLA
The maximum time required to start review of any newly submitted request
2 business days  1 business day 1 business day
Minimum top up of hours
Hours you can purchase at any time within your 12 month plan
50 100 200
Secure Advantage Portal
Track and manage all of your requests. View real time dashboards of all open activity and usage
check check check
Minor Enhancements
Any Salesforce 'point and click' (declarative) configuration
check check check
Major Enhancements
Any Salesforce development including: Apex triggers, Classes, Visualforce pages or Third Party Integration
check check check
Regular status report check check check
Recommendations on Salesforce best practice
check check check
Quarterly account review
Includes user adoption and recommendations to drive adoption
- check check
New Salesforce release optimization
Ensure you're taking advantage of the newest features of Salesforce

Architecture consultations with a Technical Architect - - check

Arxxus Advantage ACRF testimonial

“Any ad hoc development requirements, any changes, we know that we have a development team on hand to sort out and get those solutions done for us”

- Deborah Warner
Direct Giving and Database Manager
Australian Cancer Research Foundation


Common Questions

How can we use the hours in each plan?
The hours in each plan can be used for any work related to Salesforce. This includes all customisation, development (Apex triggers, Classes, Visualforce pages), and third party integration using the API. We also provide consulting and training within these plans.

What is excluded from the scope?
There are no exclusions, so long as the work is related to Salesforce, and can be supported by the platform.

How is the Advantage team structured?
One of the most important aspects of the Advantage program is that we work in teams, so you'll have the benefit of working with a Salesforce certifed team of professionals, with extensive experience on the Salesforce platform. Our larger plans also provide you with a dedicated Technical Account Manager, and access to a Technical Architect.

How does the actual Advantage process work?
Our goal is to make your experience with Salesforce easy. Once enrolled in one of our plans, the process starts with you logging a new request in our Advantage portal. We then assess the request and provide you with an hourly estimate which you can approve, reject, or defer.

How does the Advantage team understand my business and my existing Salesforce configuration?
We allocate a portion of the hours of your plan to a 'knowledge transfer' exercise in which members of our team learn about your business and Salesforce setup. This varies from customer to customer, but is a one off exercise we do with each new customer to ensure that we have a solid understanding of your Salesforce program, which in turn allows us to deliver a high quality service throughout your contract term. The number of hours required for this exercise also varies from customer to customer, but we typically run the knowledge transfer exercise in the first 2-4 weeks of the Advantage program. Speak to our sales team if you'd like us to scope this out for your organisation.

What happens when I approve a request?
Our team gets to work and starts the build in your sandbox test environment (refer to Release Management). We then run internal testing on the build, which we then pass on to your team for User Acceptance Testing (UAT), and sign off.

How do you deploy new changes?
We typically like to work towards regular monthly deployment cycles. We can also align regular deployments with your change management process. This ensures you're able to continually deploy new features to your users, while maintaining a high level of quality.

How do I know how many hours I've used?
Your Advantage portal provides information on all the key metrics of your plan including hours used and remaining. We also provide information on forecast utilisation to help you efficiently leverage the service.

Can I roll over my hours to another year?
In a word, no. We don't allow our customers to roll over unused hours from one year to the next. If this is a requirement, we recommend you talk to our sales team about a multi-year plan.

What happens if I run out of hours in my plan?
No problem. You can top up hours at any stage within your 12 month plan.

How can I use Advantage if I am currently enrolled in a Salesforce Premier plan?
Salesforce Premier plans provide support for point and click configuration within, but they do not provide help with any Salesforce development (Apex and Visualforce). Every member of the Advantage team understands what is in scope for Premier, and we'll log a case on your behalf so you don't need to worry about whether a request can be done by the Premier team. And of course, any request that is within the scope of your Premier plan will not use up your Advantage hours.

Can you give an example of how many hours some of the more common requests take?
Sure. We've provided several examples from actual customer requests, along with our hourly estimates (note that these are just examples to provide you with an idea):

  • Less than 10 hours: 'Point and click' (declarative) configuration including: workflows, approval processes, reports and dashboards
  • 10 to 50 hours: Data import, configuring 'small' AppExchange apps, code coverage review
  • 50 to 100 hours: Setting up a new sales process or lead conversion process, configuring 'moderate'-size AppExchange apps, simple Apex triggers classes
  • More than 100 hours: Third party integration, implementing complex business logic and migration of a legacy system onto Salesforce

I have more questions…
We’d love to answer them. Contact our sales team.