Arxxus Delivery Methodology

Arxxus delivers successful outcomes for our customers through an innovative combination of agile and waterfall software methodologies

How does Arxxus make your project a success?

Our delivery methodology is built on top of industry best practices in software delivery methodologies, but is tailored to our specialty: Salesforce consulting for enterprise customers.

Each customer project is managed using a custom app we've built in our Salesforce org, which has been specifically tailored for delivering Salesforce projects. This allows us to manage, monitor and track every aspect of your project in a single place.


Work Items & Work Products

Once a clear picture of the requirements is built, these are reconstructed for development into scenarios, leading to work products, and work items. We assemble a product backlog from detailed work items, each of which can be developed to create a working system artefact. Sprint Plans are derived by prioritising work items so that each sprint can lead to a conclusively demonstrable working system. The objective of the sprint is not necessarily an end-user system, but may be execution of priority work-items so that requirements are clarified or frozen using prototypes and demos.

Certain work items may require early execution so that downstream design and process build can be better understood or simplified. These work items are tagged with corresponding System Test cases & User Acceptance Test cases where available, so that validations can be done early in the lifecycle.

A typical work product represents a facet of system functionality, for example: "the Ability to capture a lead". The corresponding work items represent the build execution required to model that functionality into the system: e.g. creation of specific fields, pages, workflows etc. to capture a lead. As a rule of thumb, a work item should not exceed a day of effort. This rule of thumb helps in decomposing work products to the granularity required for tracking and testing each work item.

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