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Arxxus delivers successful outcomes for our customers through an innovative combination of agile and waterfall software methodologies

The workshop process

We realise that understanding organisational requirements is key to delivering effective and usable software. In order to elicit functional and non-functional requirements, Arxxus consultants engage stakeholders in workshops: these not only help them document the required facets of systems, but also help the customer better understand their processes and redraw them if required.

Key workshop outcomes







  • Behavioural aspects of the system

  • System qualities

  • Plan to track the system


  • Functional requirements: These are behavioural aspects of the system. These are typically modelled using use-cases and supplemented by document flows across systems/functional modules, where each state change or flow is triggered by identified process events. These process events are either user actions or system actions.
  • Non-functional requirements: These are system qualities such as performance, scalability and robustness, testability, and security.
  • Program roadmap: The program roadmap provides the plan to track the system build, including resource booking, risks, and quality strategies. This allows the team to have an overall picture of progress helping identify and mitigate any risks along the schedule.

How Arxxus delivers?

Our consultants elicit and analyse requirements involving stakeholders at different levels. This helps define stakeholder needs and aligns the system towards organisational objectives. Our consultants also help program champions, and drive the required change for system adoption all along the lifecycle to increase the probability of success. This approach, coupled with continuous visibility of progress, increases customer confidence which automatically translates to successful systems delivery.

We establish strong communication channels to capture feedback throughout the lifecycle. This helps us prioritise requirements as well as change direction if required. This agile approach, and our focus on customer success has helped us find solutions for hundreds of CRM implementations.

Key success factors

We realise that successful project delivery hinges on people as well as on quality systems. Our workshop methodology ensures a holistic approach to requirements, ensuring continuous validation of requirements by relevant stakeholders, reducing project risk while increasing system success.

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