Cloud Strategy Overview

Arxxus strategy services help shape your Salesforce roadmap

Strategy plays a key role at all stages of your Salesforce journey

Arxxus customers engage with us for different needs, and at different points along their growth roadmap. Most of these engagements can be classified into one of the three models below:

  1. Newly adding Salesforce to the technology stack
  2. Enhancing existing Salesforce setup for increased efficiencies
  3. Managed services for Salesforce

In all three models, our consultants provide ground up planning and strategy for continuously improving processes using the Salesforce platform, including creating and maintaining better data quality, driving better insights using analytics, and ensuring increased customer adoption for maximising return on investments. The first two types of engagements are typically lifecycle projects, with a clear establishment of alignment of business goals with expected project outcomes, are run along streamlined software delivery methodologies.

Innovation services are designed to provide customers administrative and development support to continuously enhance systems.

Some of our customers