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Retail Execution made more efficient and accountable

With FieldKo, you can manage your field sales and marketing teams like a pro. FieldKo grants access to leverage check ins, drag and drop calendar management, and processing orders all from your mobile device, using Salesforce1.

Utilising the geolocation with full Google maps integration, route optimization, your reps can become more efficient and productive throughout their day.

  • Plan: Manage Account planning and team activities. Map your day, and optimize your time. Set team Objectives and KPIs

  • Execute: Check In to Accounts, Conduct in-store surveys, training, and process orders.

  • Report: Instant access to real time information. Custom dashboards on key data, and Analytics on field performance

Field Reps get a one-glance view of their day's schedule, and the activities that need to be performed on the field. Field Reps leverage geolocation, route optimization, check in, drag and drop calendar management to perform their activities efficiently.

All data captured in the field is available real-time to the managers back in the office. Managers get a full view of the activities performed in the field, and have full control and visibility.


Start your day with FieldKorqebmagtue7etrw8dsh2.png

  • View 'day at a glance' including activities pushed from head office
  • Access complete account information
    View and track Objectivities and KPIs
  • Collaborate with every member of the team, all in real time with Chatter

Tasks & Surveys

Custom Tasks, Surveys and Questions
  • Point and click creation of custom tasks and surveys
  • Choice of survey question types including: free text, checkbox, multiple choice, date and even photos
  • Report on across any question response


Dynamic Surveys with Dependent Questions
  • Create custom surveys that support different answer trees
  • Set next level questions to be dependent upon prior answers
  • Track more complex responses

 Place Order

  • Generate Orders directly from a Visitplace_orders.png
  • Add and edit individual product line items
  • Support for custom Products and Price Books
  • Signature capture directly on the mobile device
  • Generate and send Order confirmation as a PDF
  • Integrate with your backend ERP


 Capture Signature 

  • Track and capture signatures from within a survey directly on your mobile device
  • Drive improved survey compliance

 Product Ranging 

  • Capture product ranges available in the store
  • Capture Quantities of each product available 
  • Filter by product categories
  • Capture only the differences from last ranging to make it faster
  • Report on Product Distribution across stores

What's included?

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Available on iPad and Android tablet.

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