How to provide Roll-up Summary features to a lookup relationship

Mahesh Gaikwad

A Lookup Roll-up tool provides a roll-up summary feature to a lookup relationship. It also allow's you to specify various roll-up criteria (like list) which are not supported by a standard roll-up summary.

  1. What is Lookup Rollup?
  2. What Problem statement are we trying to address.
  3. How to use Lookup Rollup?
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Deployment strategy best practice

Hiral Sawla

Deployment is a critical phase of the project after completion of the User Acceptance Testing in the sandbox environment since it affects the live environment and also determines the overall success of the project.

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3 Key Ways that our customers benefit from Arxxus Advantage managed services

Hiral Sawla

We always hear our Salesforce customers tell us about how they struggle to build a team of Salesforce experts, struggle to keep up with the on-going offerings and upgrades of the platform. For many businesses, it's not feasible to have a dedicated Salesforce certified team. Our Arxxus Advantage program helped numerous clients in continous innovation using the platform. With Arxxus Advantage, our customers can concentrate more on their business processes, and not worry about the translation of these processes into technology or implementation considerations. 

With a strong technical team backing the Arxxus Advantage program, it has proven to be a game changer for our clients.

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