Retail Execution - The offline imperative

Gaurav Bhagwat

Why offline: The Business Challenge

Field Sales and Marketing Reps travel from store to store. Sometimes these stores are located deep inside shopping centres, at the centre of sprawling malls or in the basements,  where the data connectivity is poor. Even in otherwise well-connected cities or suburbs, there are random blind spots where no data connection can be established at all. Needless to mention the poignant situation in rural areas and country towns. 

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Retail Execution - Selecting right Processes and Systems

Gaurav Bhagwat

This article is a Point of View on the aspects that should be considered while evaluating and selecting processes and systems to improve Retail Execution 

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FieldKo Visit Planning

Shankar Dupade

Visit Planning is a crucial aspect of Field Sales and Marketing. To be successful, every Field Salesperson needs to do proper visit planning.
FieldKo helps to plan and complete a visit. It provides a number of ways to create visits. The Visit Planner is one of the prominent features of FieldKo, which allows a Salesperson and manager to plan visits for him/her self or for their Reps.

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