5 key considerations when implementing a new system like Salesforce

Michael Kolta

In every business there are tasks that are done based on previous experiences which are handed down from one person to the next and the process never changes.

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Topics: Best Practices, Learning, efficiency, Salesforce

What gets measured gets done!

Jeff Busch

What gets measured gets done, what gets measured and fed back gets done well, what gets rewarded gets repeated - John E. Jones

Remember when you began your career as Sales or Marketing Rep?  All you wanted to do is please the boss, work hard and get noticed! Well the years may have flown by but the same rules apply.

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Topics: Marketing, FieldKo, efficiency, Lifecycle, Salesforce

FieldKo Visit Planning

Shankar Dupade

Visit Planning is a crucial aspect of Field Sales and Marketing. To be successful, every Field Salesperson needs to do proper visit planning.
FieldKo helps to plan and complete a visit. It provides a number of ways to create visits. The Visit Planner is one of the prominent features of FieldKo, which allows a Salesperson and manager to plan visits for him/her self or for their Reps.

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Topics: Marketing, FieldKo, efficiency, Field sales process, Salesforce

5 ways to display Salesforce data on one single page

Hiral Sawla

In today’s world everyone needs ease of data access, by reducing the number of clicks for the users, you can increase the user adoption of Salesforce by heaps.

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Topics: efficiency, declarative, VisualForce, Salesforce