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FieldKo for Agencies

Deepak Soni

Field Marketing Agencies, generally have a lot of customers and require all data to be segmented by customer. This enables simplified reporting that can be categorised by customer.

FieldKo is the app that makes data handling and reporting easier. It alows the user to create Visits and Tasks for a particular Brand (customers that the Agencies represent) and Sales Representative who can be either an Account owner or Account Team member and also be a Brand Team member. Data such as Visits, Tasks, Price Book, Product and Product Category sharing will be managed automatically while creating or manipulating a particular Brand. This enables the customer to get real time data that can be reported on and viewed on Dashboards.

Branding features are configurable and can enable/disabled by the Administrator.

Accounts will represent a Store where Sales Representative visits to perform tasks, and maybe associated with multiple Brands.

Account Team's is a number of Sales Representatives who will visit an Account to perform his/her tasks.

Brands represents a customer and each brand may have only a few users who will access all related data and View Reports and Dashboards.

Brand Team's is a number of Sales Representatives who will visit to all associated Accounts (Store) for that particular Brand.

Sales Representative can be a member of multiple Brand Team.

Users such as Sales Manager or Sales Representative will see only Brand specific data when they are in the system. For example, the Visit Calendar page will only show the relevant Brands which helps Sales Manager or Sales Representative create Visits for particular Brand Accounts just by drag and dropping.

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