About us



At Arxxus, you’ll find a team passionate about Salesforce and customer success. We love working together to solve the most complex problems and engage the best diverse talent to succeed. That’s our ‘not-so-secret’ sauce behind our innovative cloud solutions and why we’re recognised as a leading provider of Salesforce professional services.  

Arxxus was founded in 2009 to help customers take advantage of the technologies shaping the future of business: Salesforce and cloud computing. Our focus remains unchanged as does our blended delivery model which gives us access to technical and industry experts from Australia and India.  

Backed by Salesforce Ventures, Arxxus provides a full range of cloud consulting services, from strategy, through to implementation and managed services. We have built, customised and integrated 1,000+ Salesforce-based apps and solutions for over 500 customers across government, financial services, manufacturing, distribution and retail as well as the nonprofit sector.


David Freyer
Co-Founder and Managing Director

As co-founder of Arxxus, David has championed the business’ focus on customer success from the beginning. He co-founded Arxxus together with a friend from the New York University Stern Graduate School of Business. Together, they saw the power of the cloud computing model, and the value it could deliver for companies struggling with legacy technologies.

David remains passionate about applying technology and innovation to create tangible value and has driven the growth of Arxxus to become one of the largest Salesforce partners in the APAC region. It is also one of only two consulting firms in Australia to be backed by Salesforce Ventures.

Prior to co-founding Arxxus in 2009, David worked at a startup company in Sydney where he came to experience the benefits of Salesforce as a customer. David also worked within sales in Goldman Sachs’ Investment Management Division in New York after completing his MBA with a major in Finance at the Stern Graduate School of Business in 2004.

Outside of work, David enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters, and the occasional fun night out!


Paulette Hogan
General Manager Australia

Paulette takes pride in delivering value to customers, both from a solutioning and consulting perspective. In her role as GM, Paulette maintains a strong focus on the people aspects of the business; the staff and their platform expertise are the strength of Arxxus and our success.

Paulette has carved out a successful career in consulting with roles in a number of software organisations, spanning a diverse range of industries. She brings to Arxxus extensive expertise across insurance, utilities, taxation, retail and distribution.

Prior to Arxxus, Paulette worked within Professional Services at Salesforce where she enjoyed helping customers leverage the full value of cloud computing and the Salesforce platform. Paulette also spent eight years at Oracle consulting on ERP and CRM applications .

During her time at Salesforce, Paulette was actively involved in Salesforce Foundation activities and looks forward to continuing to 'Pledge 1%' for volunteering.


Gaurav Bhagwat
General Manager India and Chief Product Officer

Gaurav is responsible for ensuring Arxxus has the right operational controls, administrative procedures, people and systems in place to grow effectively and maintain financial strength and efficiency across its team in India. His people-centric approach, with emphasis on continuous improvement, has helped Arxxus achieve maturity in its systems and processes. Gaurav also leads the Arxxus product team for its FieldKo and Platform Insight products.

Gaurav started his career as software developer at one of the leading technology companies in India focused on projects for Fortune 500 customers. He quickly rose up the ranks with strong exposure to the telecom domain, multiple geographies and a variety of technologies. He went on to lead a multi-million dollar products portfolio with a robust and growing customer base in a predominantly Services-focused company. Along the way, Gaurav also contributed to a patent for an innovative approach to integrated multi-channel customer care in the telecom domain.

Gaurav graduated from Bhilai Institute of Technology with a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering. He studied VLSI and VHDL technologies at Vivesvaraya Regional College of Engineering as part of his Master’s degree course in Technology.