Raju Venkatraman

Raju Venkataraman

Investor Director

With 25+ years of experience in building successful companies, Raju Venkatraman is seasoned global entrepreneur with strong financial acumen, business strategy, and leadership skills. He founded Syven Capital in 2014 with a focus on technology-driven companies that are motivated by both profit and social change. In his current role as operating partner and advisor to Syven’s portfolio companies, Raju works closely with the leadership teams to achieve a step-change in performance, and growth.

Prior to founding Syven Capital, Raju was the founder and CEO of two successful consulting companies that continue to serve leading financial services firms. He grew Syven Technologies and Syven Global Services by charting their strategic direction, building enduring client relationships, and overseeing business development activities.

Beyond this hands-on experience, Raju is a trained 'principled negotiator' with extensive experience in cross-cultural negotiations for business transactions and managing conflicts. He graduated with a MBA from Cornell University and remains an active alumnus of the Johnson School at Cornell.

Raju is a SCORE certified Mentor and Volunteer, offering free mentoring and coaching to small business owners.