Paulette Hogan

Paulette Pic.jpg

General Manager Australia

Paulette has carved out a successful career in consulting roles across a number of technology companies. She has worked for software organisations in diverse market sectors including insurance, utilities, taxation, retail, and distribution. She takes pride in delivering great value to her customers from a solutioning and consulting perspective.

She has worked at Oracle for 8 years on ERP & CRM applications on many different technology platforms. Most recently, she was at Salesforce as part of their Professional Services organisation, where she enjoyed learning the benefits of cloud computing, and the vast array of uses the Salesforce platform has to offer. She has partnered with Arxxus in her earlier role at Salesforce and we look forward to building on a great foundation.

During her time at Salesforce, she became actively involved in the Salesforce Foundation activities and events. She is looking forward to taking the 'Pledge 1%' for volunteering hours at Arxxus.