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Project Governance

It is essential to create a common context across stakeholders before commencing the project. Every new project kickoff needs to ensure all project stakeholders clearly understand the business goals driving the project and the engagement required from them in order to bring about a successful outcome.

The kickoff addresses both functional and management aspects of the project lifecycle spanning:

  1. Project scope
  2. Governance models
  3. Project methodology
  4. Required stakeholder commitments
  5. Communication strategy

The kickoff meeting marks a clear project starting point and helps stakeholders plan their schedules and availability to align with the program roadmap. It further clarifies the project objectives and helps box the project scope to help the organisation derive quality, working solutions from the project.

It's important to define role clarity in the project teams, thus driving clear approval and change control mechanisms.

Establishment of Charter

The Project Charter establishes the different project management roles and their corresponding authority so as to clarify the required involvement of the main stakeholders. This is generally used to communicate the project objectives and outcomes to the project sponsors.

Establishing the Project Charter is key to creating a baseline for the project team to understand the project objectives. The Project Charter provides a clear definition of the project team, objectives, risks and constraints.

At a minimum, the Project Charter addresses the following aspects:

  • Project Objectives
  • Constraints & risks
  • Main Stakeholders & authority
  • In scope & out of scope
  • Anticipated outcomes
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