Our View of Customer Success

We work with customers across their lifecycle with salesforce.com

Adoption, Engagement, Transformation


Adoption, Engagement and Transformation explained

We work with customers at different stages of their journey with salesforce.com and cloud computing. Behind every successful project is a team both at the customer as well as partner that help drive the right outcomes for the business. We broadly segment our customers into the following three key areas: 

  • Adoption: These are most commonly 'implementation only' customers. That is, companies that have a specific project that needs to be completed without an active discussion around strategy or broader business objectives. We frequently see Adoption customers when companies engage in a proof of concept or small prototype. While Adoption can be a good place to start with salesforce.com, we typically recommend engaging in a workshop to help ensure what we build aligns to your team's broader requirements.
  • Engagement: These are customers that leverage our team for strategy in addition to implementation, which allows us to have discussions that span architecture and other business process challenges. Engagement customers are open to our recommendations around cloud best practice and value our ability to deliver innovating thinking and solutions.
  • Transformation: Our transformation customers have a deep understanding of how cloud computing can drive a fundamental competitive advantage within their industry. They have made Arxxus and salesforce.com their strategic partners to deliver core business initiatives and we in turn deliver continous innovation through: strategy, implementation and ongoing managed services.

Understanding what drives transformational outcomes

Companies that are market leaders understand the importance of innovating through technology initiatives that align to the organization's strategic goals. Successful programs also require the C-level sponsorship to ensure new initiatives have relevancy at all levels of an organization. Our market leading customers understand the importance of both C-level sponsorhip as well as the value derived from implementating core business processes on salesforce.com:



Where do we begin?

Irrespective of where you are in your salesforce.com lifecycle, our aim is to deliver value at all stages. The best way to start is by reaching out to our team so that we can learn more about your requirements.