The Dreamforce experience and why we’re excited about the year ahead.

Paulette Hogan

It was incredible to connect with the Salesforce community at Dreamforce this year, and hear how companies worldwide are using the platform to transform business. With discussions around the Fourth Industrial Revolution, artificial intelligence (AI) and the future of work, it was easy to be inspired. The fruits of disruption across industries like media and finance are apparent already, and yet we’re just starting to scratch the surface of what’s possible with data and technologies like AI.

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Salesforce Basecamp '2017, Mumbai

Gaurav Bhagwat

It was fascinating to see enthusiasts turn up in large numbers at the Salesforce Basecamp ‘2017 at JW Marriot, Sahar despite incessant rains in Mumbai. If you could not make it, here is what you need to know: 

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How to provide Roll-up Summary features to a lookup relationship

Mahesh Gaikwad

A Lookup Roll-up tool provides a roll-up summary feature to a lookup relationship. It also allow's you to specify various roll-up criteria (like list) which are not supported by a standard roll-up summary.

  1. What is Lookup Rollup?
  2. What Problem statement are we trying to address.
  3. How to use Lookup Rollup?
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Manufacturing Solution: Tracking tenders/bids in Salesforce

Sandhya Kaithakkat

As a manufacturing sales manager, are you struggling with quantifying your win-rate and your team’s productivity. It’s time to make a change!

Most of your team’s time is spent in tracking project tenders and the quotes sent to the bidders rather than talking to the key stakeholders and closing deals. It's time for a solution which will enable them to spend less time on tracking tenders and quotes and more time on the field winning projects.

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HTML Page Layout Basics

Manish Damle


Page Layouts are nothing but an arrangement of the various HTML components, elements in some containers. Every web page has containers; we call the body which is a standard HTML tag.

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Custom Metadata Types

Yogiraj Sarode

Salesforce allows us to migrate standard configuration records like workflow, email templates, email alerts using change set.
But If we want to deploy the custom configuration records from one org to another org using change set or want to setup the custom configuration data automatically when a managed package is installed, then how can this  be achieved?
Custom Settings certainly will not be the right solution for this, because custom settings is just like any object i.e. metadata and we cannot migrate our custom settings records using Change sets.

(Source: Custom Settings Image by Trailhead

Here, ‘Custom Metadata Type’ comes into the play. Using custom metadata type we can easily migrate configuration data along with their associated records using change set and packages.

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Two ways to locate Markers on Google Maps

Luckey Kumar Sahu

Google Maps for those who don't know is a mapping service developed by Google. It offers satellite imagery, street maps, 360-degree panoramic views of streets, real-time traffic conditions, and route planning when traveling.
In this situation I am using google maps API to show buildings on google maps as per their locations. A Marker is used to plot buildings on google maps. But, when two or more markers are very close to each only then a single marker is displayed on google maps which makes it difficult to identify the number of available markers at the same point. To address this problem, there are two techniques for Markers, Spiderfier and Clustering.

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3 automation solutions Not for Profits should consider right away!

Sandhya Kaithakkat

I have been working with lot of Not for profits to help them migrate their donor and fundraising management system to cloud. When I start the conversations, I am usually shocked to see how much work they do, especially with the limited team they have – and usually all manually.

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NPS : A way to measure your customer satisfaction!

Kshipra Kankariya

“How likely are you to recommend our product to a friend or colleague?”  Almost everyone has answered this question at some point or another for a product or services survey. Ever wondered what the significance of this questions is! This question is asked to gather Net Promoter Score (NPS).

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5 reasons why Salesforce NonProfit Starter Pack (NPSP) should be first choice for Not for Profits

Sandhya Kaithakkat

The 5 biggest concerns for a Not for profit when deciding to migrate from their legacy system like ThankQ, Raiser Edge, Supporter 360 or excel based tracking are:

Anxiety is understandable for Not for profits as they want to dedicate all their time helping make the world a better place rather than managing IT system. Hence, they need a right system that should let them spend the minimum time on computers managing their data. This is why we recommend they use Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP)  because it scores high on all above parameter.

Here's the detailed analysis on the top 5 reasons:

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