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How to drag a marker outside Google Map

Shankar Dupade

There are situations where we need to drag the marker within google maps, for example when you need to update the address of a business by just dragging the marker of the business to a new location point on the map. This can be easily done by adding “draggable:true” property while constructing the marker object.

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Topics: FieldKo, Field Sales, Field Maketing, Google Maps, Dragging Marker, Mapping Application,, Mapping App

FieldKo Visit Planning

Shankar Dupade

Visit Planning is a crucial aspect of Field Sales and Marketing. To be successful, every Field Salesperson needs to do proper visit planning.
FieldKo helps to plan and complete a visit. It provides a number of ways to create visits. The Visit Planner is one of the prominent features of FieldKo, which allows a Salesperson and manager to plan visits for him/her self or for their Reps.

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Topics: Marketing, FieldKo, efficiency, Field sales process, Salesforce

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