Raghu Nallani Chakravartula


Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Raghu is a strong advocate of technology, which he believes increasingly drives efficiencies in businesses. He is passionate about quality in solutions, which he insists should be a religion for technocrats.

At the helm of technology affairs at Arxxus, a born in the cloud company, he views cloud technologies as a level playing field for everyone big and small. He leads the charge on providing optimal, high quality solutions across cloud platforms in process automation and security domains to a wide variety of customers.

Starting out at Infosys, working in teleco OSS/BSS domains, Raghu gained exposure to enterprise technology stacks and integration architectures. Along the way, Raghu helped build and deploy complex solutions working at companies like Unigraphics (now Siemens PLM) and Quest telecom. He, along with Natesh founded Product Horizons, a specialised technology startup and enabled several startups to go to market with their products rapidly in social, ecommerce and security spaces. This journey helped him to explore the potential of cloud platforms and paved the way for founding Arxxus.

Raghu has a degree in civil engineering from IT-BHU (now IIT-Varanasi), where apart from mathematics and mechanics, he learnt to play the guitar. Now, when he is not busy with customer solutions, he loves to spend time with his two daughters, playing games and music.