Natesh Vedgiri


Co-Founder and CEO

Natesh loves to build and lead high calibre teams in the field of software and technology. He is passionate about cloud and its positive impact on providing a high-quality level playing field for customers of all sizes. He believes that the future of the IT industry is very different from what has been traditionally seen and people will come to increasingly rely on business skills and acumen combined with technical knowledge to be successful in an IT environment.

Natesh believes that with cloud adoption and innovation, the customers are the main beneficiaries and it will help businesses achieve sustainable operations and growth. The evolution of Salesforce has inspired him as a CEO to drive the business growth at Arxxus.

Natesh started out in traditional software by taking an internship at TCS and then had the opportunity to work with a great team at Indian IT bellwether Infosys. In the early 2000s when the Telco world was rapidly changing Natesh could see a tremendous potential for productivity and creativity in the new way of software development and implementations. Bolstered by strong Agile training experience with some of the best in the world, he left the traditional IT space and ventured into SaaS innovation at Product Horizons and then to Arxxus.

Natesh has a degree in Science (major in Physics) and a Masters in Computer Applications from University of Mumbai. In his spare time, he loves spending time with his family and playing soccer with his son. He likes to dabble in consumer robotics and is keen on exploring the application of Montessori techniques to workplace learning.